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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

History of Nepalese Insuranse bu knesbist

History of general insurance in Nepal goes back to B.S.2005(1948 A.D.). Right from 1950 A.D.,a number of companies started their operation in General insurance. Presently 15 companies are transacting general insurance business. But start and growth of life insurance has been very slow.
Life Insurance Corporation of India started life insurance business in Nepal but its function was mostly confined to Kathmandu city.
LIC stopped its operation in 1972 A.D. Life insurance business was taken over by Rashtriya Beema Sansthan in B.S.2029 after its incorporation on B.S. 2024/09/01 (16-12-1967 A.D.) and by National life and General Insurance Company in B.S.2045(1989A.D.) after its incorporation on B.S.2043/02/19 (2-6-1986)A.D.
The insurance activities were regulated by Insurance Act 2026(1969). The Act and the regulations were modified and new Insurance Act and Regulations were enacted in 2049(1992). Beema Samiti observes and regulates the insurance activities in Nepal as per the provisions of Insurance Act 2049 and Insurance regulations 2049.
Even though the performance of RBS has been impressive, the reach and density of insurance has been very low even in comparison with the insurance density in developing nations.

Web hosting in nepal by knesbist

Webhosting in Nepal has gone through great changes. From earlier expensive webhosting to cheap webhosting of Rs 300 for webhosting , webhosting has become much economically feasible for any organization. Not only big organization even Nepali colleges, school, shops etc has their website. The technology has become cheaper now. Nepal now has qualitative websites, qualitative and reliable webhost and people are paying right price for the webhosting and web designing. Nepal is now present in global outsourcing.

information about psp by knesbist

PlayStation Portable (officially abbreviated PSP) is a handheld gamconsole manufactured and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment. Development of the console was announced during E3 2003, and it was unveiled on May 11, 2004 at a Sony press conference before E3 2004.The system was released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North Americaon March 24, 2005, and in the PAL region on September 1, 2005.
The PlayStation Portable is the first handheld video game console to use an optical disc format, Universal Media Disc(UMD), as its primary storage medium.Other distinguishing features of the console include its large viewing screen,robust multi-media capabilities, and connectivity with the PlayStation 3, other PSPs, and the Internet.
Sales of the PSP have (with cyclical exceptions) lagged behind its main competitor, the Nintendo DS.Nevertheless, the console is "the most successful non-Nintendo handheld game system ever sold". After the release of a remodeled, slimmer, and lighter version of the PlayStation Portable, appropriately titled Slim & Lite, in early September 2007, sales quadrupled in the United Kingdom the following week and increased by nearly 200% in North America for the month of October. The Slim & Lite had a minor redesign including a new screen and inbuilt microphone, and has since been followed by the PSP Go.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Trading Forex Easy By Market Prediction

Online Forex trading is spreading with great speed on a global scale. Forex trading is becoming very popular mainly because of the poor economic conditions that exist worldwide and the potential to make profit fast and legally by trading the smallest fraction in currency price changes. Traders need to only have a small amount of funds available in their account in order to start trading and most brokers offer fast online account opening to make it easy. The newest portable technology in the world today such as Smartphones, PDAs and Notebooks are making Forex trading even more convenient and easy. However, Forex trading just got even more easy!The most experienced Forex traders out there know very well how stressful and complicating Forex trading can be. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different technical indicators and trading systems that can be used to trade Forex. There are literally hundreds of companies and Forex trading newbies in the world selling these indicators and trading systems and promising amazing results. There are countless other websites such as online Forex forums that provide free indicators for traders to try also. Along with all these indicators and trading systems may come complicating and time-consuming instructions or maybe even no instructions at all. There may be some great technical indicators and trading systems somewhere online that are included in the thousands that exist but most of the time these indicators are contradicting will and give mixed signals. Some indicators are complete nonsense and contain errors in the coding. Other indicators will only work on certain currency pairs or timeframes. Almost every new Forex trader starts trading with these useless indicators. However, as you will soon learn, Forex trading is actually easy.Prediction of the Forex market is the method in which Forex trading is easy. Predicting Forex is actually not that unrealistic. In fact, a small amount of global Forex traders have been doing it successfully for years now. Forex trading should not be frustrating and complicated. In fact, profitable Forex trading should not need any technical indicators at all. There should be no need for a trader to have to setup multiple indicators on their charts and wait for a signal to buy or sell. There should be no need for a trader to wait for multiple indicators to agree in harmony with each other in order to enter a trade. Also, a trader should not have to deal with contradicting and time-consuming indicators. After a Forex trader learns the method of Forex market prediction then Forex actually becomes easy.

How to Make Money In The Forex Market No Matter Who You Are -Automated Forex Trading Systems

Automated forex trading systems can make you a huge amount of money, even if you've never traded forex in your life. Here is how automated forex trading systems work to make you money no matter who you are.Automated forex trading systems are programs which you can run on your own computer and which analyze real time market data around the clock and automatically place and end trades for you to react to how the market fluctuates. So defensively if you are invested in a profitable trade but suddenly the market shifts out of your favor, with an automated trade program in place that now bad investment gets traded away at the earliest opportunity, thus shielding you from loss.Conversely, automated forex trading systems scour the market using mathematical algorithms designed to detect profitable, high probability trading opportunities and trade accordingly, then following that investment along like I just mentioned. The ultimate goal is to make sure that you always land on the winning sides of your trades as often as possible.Because these programs remain tied into real time market data around the clock, they are in a position to trade earlier and more effectively without having to mull over the best course of action faster than any other means of trading or human counterpart. Also, no emotions or guesswork factors into any trade the program makes, every move that it makes is always in a direct response to how the market fluctuates.When you get down to it, automated forex trading systems don't do anything that any competent trader couldn't do. But the point is that you get a competent trader working for you 24/7, which is a major benefit considering the 24 hour a day schedule of the forex market to begin with, and you get this for a one time fee. This is compared to the full service brokers out there who charge regular fees, then take commissions on top of that. With 30% of all traders currently using automated forex trading systems, it's not wonder that so many are cutting ties with their brokers and going the automated route these days.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Domain Hack

A "domain hack" is an unconventional domain name that combines domain levels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full "name" or title of the domain. Well-known examples include blo.gs, del.icio.us, and cr.yp.to.
In this context, the "
hack" represents a trick (as in programming), not an exploit or break-in (as in security).
Domains such as
.as, .it, .me, or .us are easy to use as domain hacks because they correspond to short, simple dictionary words. Alternately, a name is chosen so that the last few characters match an existing top-level domain, such as "inter.net", so that every character is used in forming the common name.
Domain hacks offer the ability to produce extremely short domain names. For example,
blo.gs has a total of only five letters (versus blogs.com, at eight letters), as every letter is taken into account as the site's title.
This makes them potentially valuable as redirectors (like i.am, which redirects to FortuneCity's V3 service), as
pastebinsand as base domains from which to delegate subdomains.

Use of Domain in Web Site Hosting

A domain name is a component of a Uniform Resource Locatorr (URL) used to access web sites.
A domain name may point to multiple IP addresses to provide server redundancy for the services delivered. This is used for large, popular web sites. More commonly, however, one server at a given IP address may also host multiple web sites in different domains. Such address overloading is possible through a feature in the HTTP version 1.1 protocol (but not in HTTP 1.0) which requires that a request identifies the domain name being referenced. This enables virtual web hosting, commonly used by large web hosting services to conserve IP address space.